Christian Science Monitor Goes Weekly

Christian Science Monitor - Magazine formatReflecting the sea change currently occurring in American journalism, the Christian Science Monitor has ceased publication as a daily newspaper and has “reinvented” itself as a weekly magazine.  We have just received the first issues of this magazine and find it a very attractive and appealing publication. 

In each issue, there is an in-depth cover story on a global event or emerging trend (e.g., “Ten Ways the New Economy Will Look Different”), as well as a review of world and U. S. news.  There is also a new column called “Dispatches” with local news stories from Monitor correspondents around the world.  In addition, there are 4 weekly features—Money, Innovation, Environment, and Culture—and an end-of-issue piece that highlights a person making a difference in today’s world.

You can find this new publication on the magazine shelves in the Kaplanoff Periodicals Room.