New Library Proctors

Pictured (left to right): Shannon, Alexandra, Alexander, Julia, Kelly, Punit, Jamie and Alexandrea

The library has 12 new proctors selected for next year. The proctors are assigned to the upper floors of the library and are responsible for keeping order and ensuring an atmosphere where students can read and work. 

 All library proctors are day student seniors. Each year the outgoing proctors nominate their successors. The 2009-2010 library proctors are:

 Jamie J. Ashton
Alexandra K. Azzi
Arielle C. Bean
Kelly D. Comolli
Shannon M. Comolli
Jenna M. Cook
Alexander S. Hayes
Abigail M. Loucks
Punit N. Matta
Julia L. Millstein
Gabrielle M. Nute
Alexandrea M. Smyrnos