Film Update – What’s Old is New Again

Last July we reported that after replacing 120 films missing from the CinemExeter collection, we would embark upon a large-scale project to replace all VHS films in the Library with DVD (where available and appropriate.) We are happy to report that the first stages of this project – replacing VHS films in the ever-popular CinemExeter collection – are nearing completion. After evaluating titles to determine recent demand as well as availability in the DVD format, we ordered close to 300 DVD replacements for a variety of great films. Many of these DVDs have already made their way onto the shelves, with many more to appear in the coming months as they are processed. Most will be reshelved in the CinemExeter collection, but some will find new homes in Classic Films (now housed behind the circulation desk) or the Lawrence Room /1M collection. We are hoping that patrons will rediscover old favorites as well as make new ones!

We anticipate that the VHS replacement project will continue throughout the school year and into next summer, as we work our way through the video collection on 1M (above the circulation desk) and in Lawrence Room/1M (above the old card catalog.)