Three Scrapbooks Given to the Archives

Student scrapbooks often reflect aspects of student life that are not well represented in any other way.  The Academy Archives has a collection of nearly seventy student scrapbooks, dating from 1838 to 1972.  Since the beginning of this academic year, three more scrapbooks have been given to the Archives.

Mr. Norris Guansey “Norry” Nims, Class of 1931, presented a scrapbook that he maintained from Fall 1927 through Spring 1931.  Of particular interest was his mention of an epidemic of German measles at Andover during the winter of 1928/29.  Mr. Nims also presented a number of photographs that he took while he was at Exeter, along with an official transfer to Exeter of copyright to the photographs. 

Mr. Edward M. Lamont, Class of 1944, presented a scrapbook that was maintained by his father, Mr. Thomas W. Lamont Class of 1888.  His scrapbook contains numerous invitations, programs and record of events that took place from the fall of 1884 through June 1887.  Of special note are five mounted 8” x 10” photographs, and a receipt for $22 for his tuition for one term ($20), and his gymnasium locker fee ($2).  The Archives also has six letters that he wrote to his parents while at Exeter from a previous gift.  Mr. T.W. Lamont served as a trustee from 1917-1946 and as president of the trustees from 1935-1946.

Mr. Michael Creem, Class of 1949, purchased another interesting scrapbook on eBay and presented it to the Archives.  This scrapbook, maintained by Percy C. Rogers from early 1928 through early 1937, contains numerous clippings, programs, telegrams, invitations, notes, letters and photographs.  Some items refer to Academy athletic events, while other items document events and organizations in the town of Exeter.  Mr. Rogers taught French and Spanish at the Academy from 1923 to 1966.  In 1943 he was appointed chairman of the Academy’s first public relations committee.  For many years his well-prepared press reports kept the public informed of happenings at the Academy.  There were already in the Archives twenty scrapbooks that Mr. Rogers maintained from 1943 to 1954 while serving in that capacity.
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