Deadline Looms for Aspiring Poets

The 2009 Lamont Younger Poets Prize winners

Friday, April 16th, will be the last day that Academy students’ submissions for the Lamont Younger Poets Prize will be accepted. 

The prize commemorates the dedication of English instructor Rex McGuinn to student poetry at Exeter – particularly his encouragement of student poets at the ninth- and tenth-grade levels. In such a spirit, the Lamont Younger Poets Prize seeks to recognize promise as well as achievement in the early years of a student’s developing craft. 

Up to four Prize winners will be selected and invited to read their poems at the Academy Library in the Lamont Poetry Room, with a reception to follow. Submissions should be addressed to Todd Hearon, Department of English. Poems should include the author’s name and grade level on the back page; only one poem may be submitted per student. There is no restriction as to form or subject; the length of the poem, however, should not exceed 100 lines. The deadline for submissions in 2010 will be Friday, April 16. 

You can find out more on Rex McGuinn, and see a list of past winners here.