Meet Our Academy Librarian, Gail Scanlon…

Academy Librarian, Gail Scanlon
Academy Librarian, Gail Scanlon

Who are you?  Gail Scanlon, Academy Librarian.

Where are you originally from?  Western Mass, but I’ve lived in 7 states.

 Interests/hobbies?  I enjoy travelling, biking, gardening, and spending time with my family.

Fun facts?  I’m a registered nurse, and I’m married to a retired naval officer.  We’ve lived all over the country.

Favorite book?  My Greatest Day in Baseball: the Big League Baseball Diary is my favorite book.  My dad was a pitcher in the minor leagues, and Mickey Mantle wrote about him in his chapter as being the hardest pitcher he played against.

Favorite movie?  Stand By Me

Favorite sport?  I like watching basketball and I used to downhill ski a lot.

Favorite food?  My husband’s eggplant parmesan.

Pet Peeves?  Drivers who tailgate and telemarketers.