Game Night @ the Library

The Academy Library opened its doors after hours on Saturday to host the 2nd annual Game Night at the Library.  Well over a hundred students participated in all types of game playing.  This year’s event also included a very lively team-based scavenger hunt organized and run by the Young Men’s Forum. 

Almost every floor of the building was filled with activity as students tried out new games or played some old favorites. On the ground floor people danced along with the Just Dance 4 video game, munched on cookies, and took a minute to get their caricature done by the 60-second caricature artist Adam Pate.  While walking around Rockefeller Hall one could see students laughing as they tried to interpret their partners’ clues in Catch Phrase, or as they tried to make words with limited vowels playing Bananagrams.

The third floor study lounge was transformed into a gaming lounge where attendees had their choice of games and consoles including a Nintendo Wii, Gamecube, and N64.  Students who wanted the ultimate gaming experience headed to the 4th floor to play Madden NFL 25 and FIFA 14 on the 80” monitors housed in the two seminar rooms. 

The library staff would like to thank everyone who helped and participated in our 2nd annual Game Night at the Library.  We hope that all the students who attended had a fun and enjoyable night out.