Phillips Exeter’s Cary Globe Conservation

Phillips Exeter’s Cary Terrestrial Globe is now on display in the Kaplanoff Room at the Class of 1945 Library.  It came to the library over 50 years ago, a gift from the family of Dr. H. Sheridan Baketel PEA 1891.  Thanks to the generous donation of W.E. Stein PEA 1947, the globe was restored in 2012 by Mr. Matt Jones at the Green Dragon Bindery.  An exhibit case specifically designed to protect the globe from future damage and to allow for proper viewing arrived last week.  The display case was manufactured by Glasbau REIER of Lauta, Germany represented in North America by Case[werks], LLC of Baltimore, MD.

Cary’s New Terrestrial Globe dates back to 1815, with notations and corrections made in 1835.  It exhibits the tracks and discoveries made by Captain Cook, Captain Vancouver, M. De La Perouse as well other navigators of the time.  The globe is mounted on a three-legged mahogany stand with a magnetic compass.  Three wooden arms support the wooden zodiacal circle and brass meridian ring.

Conservation of the Cary Terrestrial Globe began with testing to identify the state and type of finish remaining on the globe and the horizon surface of the stand.  Losses to the cartography were inked in by hand from records obtained in the restoration of numerous period Cary Globes, and in those areas colors were touched up with watercolor.  Numerous steps were also taken to clean and repair the original engraved Cary compass rose, the meridian ring, and the finish on the late Federal style leg stand.   After consulting the donor for the conservation project, a tiny brass plaque was affixed to the peak of one of the three legs, to commemorate the project.

We encourage visitors to stop by the Kaplanoff Room to admire the original craftsmanship and the efforts made to restore this fine work.  Photos of the last week’s case installation can be viewed on the Class of 1945 Library Facebook page.