Library Mini Golf

On Wednesday October 8th, new students were invited to get to know the Academy Library during a round of mini golf. Throughout the building we heard cheers, groans, and laughter as students made holes-in-one or tried different techniques to make it past the variety of obstacles. As they played the nine-hole course set up on multiple floors of the building, students learned about the services and collections the library offers to all Academy students.

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The nine floor building can be an intimidating and challenging space to navigate and so the intention was to provide a fun and low-pressure way to become acquainted with the library staff and spaces. At each of the holes, students answered a trivia question about finding and borrowing library materials, ways to ask for research help, and more. The library’s ground floor featured a prize wheel where students had a fun way to learn even more about library resources. A tenth bonus hole was also set up in the Music Library where students had a chance to putt for prizes. Those that attended the event could turn in their completed scorecards for a chance to win Grill Bucks.