Fall Term Wrap – Up

As we wait for students to return to campus next week, we find ourselves thankful for the many opportunities we had to work with them during the Fall Term. studentsincommons

This past term, librarians worked with 57 classes.  We helped introduce students to the best print and online resources for their research papers and projects and provided a hands-on library orientation to all preps in their English 110 classes.   Staff at the circulation desk was kept busy throughout the term, handling numerous course reserves.

Our e-resources page and our class research guides had quite a workout as students used them to access library databases and to guide them through the different stages of the research process. History 331 students used American National Biography to find information on a historical figure, Issues & Controversies in American History to investigate events in early America, and found primary sources in our online historical newspaper collections.  History 100, 109, and 270 students utilized History Database Center and other resources to research the Arab Israeli conflict, 20th century world political leaders, the Peloponnesian War, and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  An English 210 class used a variety of curated articles, websites, and e-books on a course-tailored research guide to familiarize themselves with the historical and social context of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

The library was abuzz with hard-working students right up until Thanksgiving break.  We look forward to the next set of research projects and papers that will bring them back to us again in the winter term.