Alice Turns 150

aliceinwonderlandposterMathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who the world knows as Lewis Carroll, first created Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as a way to entertain the three daughters of his college dean during a picnic outing.

Ten-year-old Alice Lidell, the inspiration for Wonderland’s central character, asked Carroll for a written version of the tale.  Carroll quickly obliged and thus began his own adventures into the world of children’s literature.

After revising the tale and commissioning accomplished cartoonist John Tenniel to illustrate, Carroll published  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland on July 4th 1865. One hundred and fifty years later, the book continues to remain in print and is still studied for its tremendous impact on children’s literature and popular culture.

Stop by the library to view our exhibit honoring the 150th anniversary of Alice.  Or check out some of the in-person and online exhibits from other libraries around the country: