2017 Lamont Younger Poets Reading with Visiting Poet Meg Day

On Tuesday May 9th at 7pm the Class of 1945 Library will host the 2017 Lamont Younger Poets reading with visiting poet Meg Day.

The recipients of the 2017 Lamont Younger Poets Prize are Bella Alvarez ’19, Miles Mikofsky ’19, Ayush Noori ’20, and Mai Hoang ’20. The Lamont Younger Poets Prize honors poems of exceptional promise written by preps and lowers at Phillips Exeter Academy. The prize commemorates the dedication of English instructor Rex McGuinn to student poetry at Exeter, particularly his encouragement of student poets at the ninth and tenth grade levels.

Meg Day, award winning poet, activist, and author will present her work in conjunction with the students’ reading. Day is author of Last Psalm at Sea Level and two chapbooks When All You Have Is a Hammer and We Can’t Read This. Day is currently an Assistant Professor of English & Creative Writing at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania.

The event will be held in Rockefeller Hall at the Class of 1945 Library.