Children’s Book Week visits

Last week seniors in Becky Moore’s Children Literature classes celebrated Children’s Book Week by inviting children from the Harris Family Center for a story time and activity at the library.  Moore’s D format class met with Christine Peluso’s kindergartners on Tuesday and Jill Devine’s preschoolers visited with the E format class on Wednesday.  The seniors began the visit by reading the story The Perfect Square and then paired off with the younger children for a shape hunt in Rockefeller Hall and an activity using mini-books they designed.

It was a treat to watch the older students use the architecture of our Louis Kahn building as a means to help the children identify that can be discovered in our everyday surroundings.  Both groups began and ended their visit around the Harkness table in Rockefeller Hall where they looked up, down, and all around to find the circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, and trapezoids in Louis Kahn’s design.

Thank you to teachers Becky Moore, Christine Peluso, Jill Devine, Linda Felch, Theresa Hall, and Kerry Bradshaw and to the seniors in ENG 578 Children’s Literature:   Genesis Contreras, Nick Correia, Julia Friberg, Pan Menasuta, Ryan Moore, Chudi Obiofuma, Nine Prasertsup, Qiqi Qi, Rockefeller Qin, Eloise Shields, Majestic Terhune, Sydney Yoon, Jessica Zhao, Kat Cucullo, Aili Desai, Kelsey Detels, Hannah Gustafson, Jada Huang, Emma Ibbotson, Emily LaRovere, Sammy Merrill, Daria Moody, Kyland Narcisse, Sanjana Rana, and Kristina Torres.