Special Collections Spotlight: Miniature Books Collection

Did you know that Phillips Exeter Academy’s Special Collections houses a miniature book collection?  Most of the tiny books which include macro miniatures (3-4 inches in size) and micro miniatures (1/3 to 1 inches) were published by Achille St. Onge of Worcester, Massachusetts.  St. Onge’s titles were typically printed on high quality paper and bound in fine leathers.

Miniature collections were produced for a variety of reasons – to conceal dangerous or subversive information more easily, for easier travel or portable reference, or to provide a suitable size for children.

Phillips Exeter Academy’s miniature collection includes the following titles:

  • On the powers of government assigned to it by the Constitution
  • The night before Christmas
  • Magna Carta of King John, AD 1215
  • The declaration of independence
  • Abraham Lincoln : the song in his heart
  • The Mayflower compact
  • Wild apples : history of the apple tree
  • The autobiography of Robert Hutchings Goddard, father of the space age
  • Notes from four cities
  • The wants of man : a poem
  • Paul Revere’s ride, a deposition : the personal account by Revere of his famous ride
  • Elegy written in a country churchyard