Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month: Films

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th-October 15th), this week’s blog post highlights a selection of documentaries and films from our streaming collections that tell stories of the Hispanic American and Latinx experience.

Latino Americans (freely available on PBS website)
Latino Americans (PBS, 2013) is a six part documentary series chronicling “the rich and varied history and experiences of Latinos, who have for the past 500-plus years helped shape what is today the United States and have become, with more than 50 million people, the largest minority group in the U.S.”

For additional resources see the PBS Latino Americans page  which provides additional interviews and stories.

Habla y Vota (Classroom Video on Demand, PEA login required)
Habla y Vota (HBO, 2016) was originally released prior to the 2016 elections and featured leading Latino celebrities and inspiring personalities to inspire Hispanic Americans to use their voice and vote. “This one-hour non-partisan documentary special, in both English and Spanish, [featured] Latino storytellers sharing their personal experiences directly to the camera for a national audience.” Habla y Vota was part of the 14th installment of HBO Latino’s award-winning Habla series.



Below is just a sample of the films available through Kanopy. For additional videos, visit Kanopy’s Hispanic American collection page.

Note: You will be prompted for a PEA username and password when accessing Kanopy films from off-campus. If you are a first time Kanopy user, you will then need to click on the “Log in to Exeter” button on the bottom left of the screen using the Login – Username: exeter Password: access.

Visiones: Latino Art & Culture
“The award winning PBS series Visiones: Latino Art & Culture (2004), is a journey through the music, words, dance, painting and performance of rich Latino cultures made more complex and fascinating by their history in our country. The series explores how contemporary Latino artists continue to build on rich traditions that reflect a unique multi-ethnic experience, taking established art forms and reinventing them, constantly challenging themselves and the communities which nurture them. From New York City’s break-dancers to mural-painters in Los Angeles and Chicago to theater in Texas, the series offers a unique cross section of Latino artists working today.”

The Graduates / Los Graduados
“The Graduates / Los Graduados (PBS, 2013) explores pressing issues in education today through the eyes of six Latino and Latina students from across the United States. More than a survey of contemporary policy debates, the bilingual, two-part film offers first-hand perspectives on key challenges facing Latino high school students and their families, educators, and community leaders. It is the story of the graduates who will make up America’s future.”



Between Us / Entre Nos (2009)
“Newly arrived to New York City and deserted by her husband Gabriel, Mariana must find a way, in a strange city where she barely speaks the language, to provide for her family, financially and emotionally.

Winner of Best NY Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival. Winner of Best Feature at the Ashland Independent Film Festival and the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival.”


East Side Sushi (2015)
“This critically acclaimed indie favorite was the winner of awards at 9 different film festivals, including Best Narrative Feature at SF Indie Fest.

Single mom Juana can slice and dice anything with great speed and precision. After working at a fruit-vending cart for years, she decides to take a job at a local Japanese restaurant. Intrigued by the food, she learns to make a multitude of sushi on her own. Eventually she attempts to become a sushi chef, but is unable to because she is the ‘wrong’ race and gender. Against all odds, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, determined to not let anyone stop her from achieving her dream.”