MLK Virtual 5k Suggested Listening

The Library has curated a mini-collection of audiobooks and songs to coincide with the upcoming MLK Virtual 5k.

Participating students, faculty, or staff can borrow an audiobook from the MLK Virtual 5k collection in Sora.  Titles include Bad Feminist and Hunger by keynote speaker Roxane Gay ’92, as well as works by John Lewis, Stacey Abrams and more.  To listen, download the Sora app on your mobile device. Directions are available here.

Music Librarian Andrew Gatto also compiled a list of songs for a past segment of his radio show that we would like to offer as an option for Spotify users.  Mr. Gatto provides historical background on the tracks he chose in his original blog post, Martin Luther King’s Musical Legacy.  Listen to our MLK Virtual 5k playlist here.