1619 Arrival Traveling Exhibit

A six-banner traveling exhibition from the Hampton History Museum

During the month of October, the Class of 1945 Library is hosting a six-banner traveling exhibition from the Hampton History Museum in Hampton, Virginia. In commemoration of the 1619 arrival of the first Africans in English North American, “this exhibit tells the story of the Africans’ home in Angola, how they came to be enslaved aboard a Spanish slave shop San Juan Bautista, the terrible 10,000 nautical mile voyage that brought them to Virginia, and their lives on the farms and plantations in the new colony.”

Source: Hampton History Museum

The panel exhibit along with a related book display will be on view in the Library’s Rockefeller Hall from October 1st through November 4th, 2021.  The Library is a card-access building open to the PEA community.

For information about the exhibit, the books on display, and additional resources please visit: 1619 Arrival Exhibit.