A Short Slideshow from the Archives

Using a new slideshow feature that WordPress recently introduced, we thought we would share some images of the Third Academy Building from the Archives. Before it was lost to fire in 1914, it occupied the same space as today’s Academy Building, but was built from far more flammable materials. While not much survived the conflagration, we have images to remind us how lovely it was.

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ProQuest Takes a Brief Break

ProQuest, supplier of three of the Library’s magazine and newspaper databases, will be down for maintenance this weekend. From 10pm on Saturday until 10am on Sunday, Proquest Historical Newspapers, American Periodicals Series Online, and Proquest Platinum are going to be unavailable. Students working on research papers should plan ahead for the outage. Below are brief descriptions of these three databases for those who may be unfamiliar with them, with links to the Library’s Research Databases page:

American Periodicals Series Online
More than 1,000 American magazines and newspapers published between 1741 and 1940.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers 
New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and ten other national and regional papers

ProQuest Platinum
2,000 magazines and scholarly journals. Also the New York Times (1980 on), Wall Street Journal (1984 on), 40 other newspapers and news services.

Free Books!

Going away over Spring Break? Members of the Academy community are encouraged to stop by the Library to pick up a free paperback for the trip! The Library will be removing approximately 400 books from the Paperback Collection on the 3rd Floor, to make room for a large number of new titles. The books we are removing represent a variety of fiction genres, as well as personal growth and some nonfiction. All books that are ready to be taken are being placed on a cart just inside the main doors of the Library. We will be adding books to the cart all week, but stop by soon for the best selection!