“Tracks from the Stacks” Radio Program to Debut on WPEA

Drew Gatto, Academy Music Librarian
Drew Gatto, Academy Music Librarian

Music Librarian Drew Gatto is the host of a new radio program, “Tracks from the Stacks,” set to debut on Wednesday, January 16th from 1:00 until 2:00 pm on WPEA, the campus radio station.  The program will be broadcast during the same time each Wednesday for the duration of the winter and spring terms.

Tracks from the Stacks” will feature music from the CD collection held in the Academy Library. The show will be organized around the theme of “musical connections,” wherein all of the tracks played will relate to a single theme. Drew will provide brief explanations of these connections between tracks, and playlists (including information on how to find each featured CD in the Library) will be posted online for those who are interested in further exploring the music featured on a particular show.  In addition, Circulation Coordinator Marilyn Bott will create accessible displays in the Library so that patrons can easily find CDs used during the previous week’s program. The first show will feature a tribute to the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. in anticipation of the Academy-wide celebration of his birthday scheduled for Friday, January 18th.  

Drew welcomes suggestions for future programs and hopes that you’ll join him “on the air” this month!

New Library Proctors Announced

Some of Our Fabulous Library Proctors

It’s time for our 2011/2012 Proctors to make way for the Library Proctors of 2012/2013.  We will definitely miss our class of 2012 and we wish them well with all of their new adventures!  The new faces in the Library will be :

  • Haley Baker
  • Emma Clarkson
  • Katrina Morris
  • Alexandra O’Keefe
  • Abbigail Ouellette
  • Sameer Panesar
  • Rachel Schneider
  • Sanam Shetty
  • Sarah Xiao
  • Carlin Zia

Be sure to stop by the Academy Library this fall term to say hello and welcome them to their new positions!

The Library has 2 New Databases!

Our newest science database is Gale’s Science in Context.   Science in Context delivers  integrated content through 150+ comprehensive reference sets from Gale Encyclopedia of Science, Chemical Elements, Science in Dispute and Macmillan Science Library, as well as:

  • More than 22,000 topic overviews
  • 7,000 biographies
  • 1.5 million periodical articles from noted publications like Science Weekly, Science News and The Science Teacher
  • 16,000 images and videos
  • 170+ detailed experiments
  • 8,100 biographies
  • Two dictionaries

And to support secondary teachers, Science in Context features the Science Standards search of full-text results linked to national and state science standards for grades 9-12.

Our second new database is also from Gale Publishing and it allows our users to read the pages of the London Times from the years 1785 – 1985.  See how Charles Dickens actually appeared to his contemporaries as written in the newspaper of his day!The Times of London, 1785 - 1985

The Times (London) is the world’s oldest continuously published newspaper. Readers — world leaders and the general public — have consistently turned to The Times for its in‐depth news coverage, parliamentary reports and comment, editorial opinion and unique view of history from the major reporters and editors of the period.  The Times Digital Archive, 1785–1985 allows users to search and view online this award‐winning newspaper in its original published context.

The Library Gets a Mac

A new Mac has been installed in the Library over in the southwest corner of the reference area on the main floor.
This will allow students to print and/or work on Mac-formatted documents and projects without having to rely solely on their own MacBooks while in the Library.

Lost and found – when the book you want is missing

Statuses found (or not) in the library catalog

While the library strives to keep collections organized, there are quirks in the system that may make it hard to find what  you need. Here are some things to think about when the book you want doesn’t appear to be available, or isn’t where it should be.

Is the book checked in? If you look up a book in the library’s catalog and the status doesn’t say “Check Shelves,” then it isn’t currently available. Ask a librarian for help – there may be another copy available in the building, or we might be able to have the person who has the item checked out return it. In some cases, we can buy another copy of something or request it through Interlibrary Loan.

If the online catalog says that the book is checked in, and it’s not on the shelf, ask a librarian for help. The book could be in the processing area, waiting to be reshelved, or on display in a different part of the library. It’s possible that someone has taken the book off the shelf and left it somewhere else in the library, or that it has been mis-shelved. Librarians deal with these situations every day, and we’re happy to help you.

Remember that one of our main goals is to save the time of the reader.  Don’t spend your time looking for something that’s out of place – let us help you!

LibGuides Coming Soon!

The Library staff will spend the spring and summer revitalizing its online research guides from their current static presentation to a more user-friendly and dynamic look, using LibGuides.

LibGuides is a web 2.0 content management- and library knowledge-sharing system used to create attractive multimedia content, share knowledge and information, and promote library resources to the community. More than 1,200 libraries worldwide use LibGuides.

Free Books!

Going away over Spring Break? Members of the Academy community are encouraged to stop by the Library to pick up a free paperback for the trip! The Library will be removing approximately 400 books from the Paperback Collection on the 3rd Floor, to make room for a large number of new titles. The books we are removing represent a variety of fiction genres, as well as personal growth and some nonfiction. All books that are ready to be taken are being placed on a cart just inside the main doors of the Library. We will be adding books to the cart all week, but stop by soon for the best selection!