The Library Gets a Mac

A new Mac has been installed in the Library over in the southwest corner of the reference area on the main floor.
This will allow students to print and/or work on Mac-formatted documents and projects without having to rely solely on their own MacBooks while in the Library.

Lost and found – when the book you want is missing

Statuses found (or not) in the library catalog

While the library strives to keep collections organized, there are quirks in the system that may make it hard to find what  you need. Here are some things to think about when the book you want doesn’t appear to be available, or isn’t where it should be.

Is the book checked in? If you look up a book in the library’s catalog and the status doesn’t say “Check Shelves,” then it isn’t currently available. Ask a librarian for help – there may be another copy available in the building, or we might be able to have the person who has the item checked out return it. In some cases, we can buy another copy of something or request it through Interlibrary Loan.

If the online catalog says that the book is checked in, and it’s not on the shelf, ask a librarian for help. The book could be in the processing area, waiting to be reshelved, or on display in a different part of the library. It’s possible that someone has taken the book off the shelf and left it somewhere else in the library, or that it has been mis-shelved. Librarians deal with these situations every day, and we’re happy to help you.

Remember that one of our main goals is to save the time of the reader.  Don’t spend your time looking for something that’s out of place – let us help you!

LibGuides Coming Soon!

The Library staff will spend the spring and summer revitalizing its online research guides from their current static presentation to a more user-friendly and dynamic look, using LibGuides.

LibGuides is a web 2.0 content management- and library knowledge-sharing system used to create attractive multimedia content, share knowledge and information, and promote library resources to the community. More than 1,200 libraries worldwide use LibGuides.