Class of 2016 Senior Bookmarks

he Class of 2016 Senior Bookmarks are now complete and available at the Library’s circulation desk.

Fifty-three different bookmarks, including a combined effort from a group of seniors using the pen name “Typical Exonian,” make up this year’s batch.   Eileen Cusick, the Library Assistant who oversees the Senior Bookmarks Program, says it’s the largest number of bookmarks produced in the twenty-three years the program has been offered.

Each spring, interested seniors contribute a short list of books they’d recommend others to read.  Seniors list favorite childhood stories, impactful course texts, and a wide variety of leisure reading that spans across many genres.

Photos of this year’s Senior Bookmarks exhibit and a selection of bookmarks are available on the Library’s Facebook page.  For more information about the Senior Bookmarks Program visit our website.