Our Biblion Catalog is Moving to California!

Golden Gate Bridge (near Emeryville!) by Zoonabar

The computer server that serves up the Academy Library’s online catalog, “Biblion”, will no longer be lurking in the bowels of the Library’s basement.  Instead, our new server will be hosted in Emeryville, CA at the Innovative Interfaces, Inc.’s building that houses many libraries’ hosted catalog servers.  On Monday, August 6th, Biblion will not be available as we transfer data from one server to another.  This means our patrons will not be able too look up books and DVDs online or renew their items through their online library account during the day on Monday. You will, however, still be able to come to the library and check out materials during our regular hours of 8am – 4pm.  We apologize for any inconvenience!

The Library Gets a Mac

A new Mac has been installed in the Library over in the southwest corner of the reference area on the main floor.
This will allow students to print and/or work on Mac-formatted documents and projects without having to rely solely on their own MacBooks while in the Library.

Faster computers in the Library Lab

The library’s computer lab was updated last week with 16 new computers. The new machines are faster and should provide a better experience for students using the lab.

The specifications on the new computers (particularly the CPU type/speed and the amount of installed RAM) are a definite step up from the ones that were replaced, particularly

Other computers throughout the library are scheduled to be replaced later this fall.