Blackout Poetry Contest

For National Poetry Month, the Academy Library is holding a contest for original blackout poetry. Blackout poems are created using a discarded page from a newspaper, magazine or book. Mark around the words in the text to create a poem and strike out the rest. For ideas, see the examples below, visit Austin Kleon’s Newspaper Blackout site or watch a how-to video.

 How to Enter

  • Use a discarded newspaper or magazine page provided at the library*, or an old magazine or newspaper of your own.
  • Mark around the words in the text to create a poem.  Be as artistic as you like.
  • Submit your blackout poem at the library with an attached entry form or a separate piece of paper with the following information: NAME, POEM TITLE, EMAIL.  Do not put your name on the poem.
  • Open to all members of the PEA community.

Deadline for Submissions – Sunday April 19th.

  • All submissions must be turned in at the library help or circulation desk by Sunday April 19th.
  • Submissions will then be displayed in the library and on the Class of 1945 Library’s Facebook page.
  • Public voting will take place in person and online from April 20 – April 24th.
  • Winners will be notified by early May.  Winners will receive Grill Bucks.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Reference & Outreach Librarian Beth Rohloff.

*Only discarded materials can be used for this project.  Please do not mark up any current materials.